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Rowdy arrived in Australia on 18 April 1997.

Rowdy titled in the Australian showring easily although shown only occasionally. To date he has had Group, In Group and In Show Awards. Rowdy is handled mainly by Diana McGuinn Arigh Irish Setters, and occasionally by Mara Herba Mikulov Siberian Huskies and his friend Janelle Taylor.

Rowdy brings to any breeding program a heritage of genetically sound, excellent moving, heavy boned and very good natured dogs. Kasaan dogs can be found excelling in a range of activities including showing, obedience and working.

Rowdy himself is a real sweetheart, a terrific mover with excellent reach and drive and a very substantial dog. We expect that his puppies will, like him, carry on the family tradition of good bone, good movement and good temperament.

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